Register for the CrossFit Games Opens

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It’s officially two weeks to the start of the CrossFit Games Open begins. The first 2013 Update Show went up yesterday and it’s all about to get started again. Things to know:

1. There’s still time to register, go to and get signed up.
2. Anyone can participate and and anyone from our gym can sign up on the CrossFit Squamish Team (your score can only positively affect the teams score as the best top 3 male and female scores gives us our results for the week)
3. It costs $20 and you’ll be responsible for posting your own scores each week (though I still have to validate them)
4. Workouts get posted each week on the Games site and we’ll do the workout on Friday as a gym (though it could be done anytime between Wednesday and Sunday)
5. Whether you register or not the Open workouts will be what we do each Friday from March 8th to April 5th.

It’s a great community event and fun to post your scores and see where you stand. Following along for the 5 weeks of opens really makes going or watching the Regionals and CrossFit Games that much more awesome. It’s rare in any sport to get to participate in a series that ends with world championships.

Get in, and get into it