Regionals Weekend Class Schedule Mods

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As you all know Jayde is competing at the CrossFit West Regional in Seattle next weekend!  The event runs from Friday-Sunday.  Jesse is competition director and will be away as of Wednesday.  Jayde and I head down early Thursday for a 3pm check-in.  Mike, Ellen and Slater are stepping in to cover as much of the regular class schedule as possible but we unfortunately have to remove some classes because of availability.  The gym will still be open on all regular days but the schedule will be limited!  Sorry to the the regular morning people for having to cancel 2 days of your routine (we appreciate the commitment to a routine!)… we did our best but mornings are the toughest to get covered because of coaches other work schedules.

FRIDAY, MAY 29th: All morning classes cancelled, there will be 2 super WOD class times at 5:30pm and 6:30pm with Mike.  There will be no Teen class that day.

SATURDAY, MAY 30th:  All 4 morning classes as regularly scheduled 🙂

MONDAY, JUNE 1st: All morning classes cancelled, all afternoon/evening classes are as per the regular schedule.

*** All the events will stream live at games.crossfit.com so if you aren’t able to go down to Seattle make sure to watch Jayde’s events and results from your computer!