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Here we are in beautiful Calgary, Alberta. Despite a few obstacles (Soraya’s flight mishap which allowed her to conveniently meet me in Vancouver to join my flight), and some weather… we made it and the weekend has been great. Soraya killed it in the 5km trail run on Friday night (it got shortened due to some sort of “weather/safety” issue, ie likely some ridiculously slippery hill) and came 2nd in the field of 42 women. The day started early this morning with a snowy drive to the venue and the snatch/OH squat complex. Soraya made 95# and came 20th in the wod putting her in 6th place after two events. The next few hours were spent watching other competitors, re-fueling (I ate like I was competing too) and some massage.

Early afternoon was wod #3 which was 4 rounds of 35 wallball and 20 pullups with a 15 minute time cap. A men’s heat went first and they made it look terribly uncomfortable. We hoped that they just hadn’t practiced their wallballs too much. Nope. It was just as uncomfortable as it looked. Soraya was in heat two and found herself gased by round 2. The viewing area/warmup area for athletes was in a mezzanine above the wallball target so I got to stand literally 3 feet above Soraya’s target. Lucky her to have me yelling down at her from above the 10 foot line?! It made for some good viewing of painful facial expressions from my end. In her heat only 3 girls finished in the time cap and at the end of the wod only 13 girls finished in the time cap. Soraya made it into the 3 round. For those who didn’t complete it, they ranked them by reps completed and Soraya is now still sitting in the top half of women at 20th.

We joked after that she is going to have to skip really hard tomorrow. Then we ate delicious chicken apple sausages from the BBQ outside. Then we went and watched Shrek at the IMAX in 3D.

Tomorrow is another day starting at 8am and things can change very quickly with this scoring system. Be glad at 8am tomorrow morning that you aren’t doing doubleunders and burpees and wish Soraya good luck in your thoughts!

Our good friend Steve who we trained with in Whistler is currently sitting in 8th going into tomorrow…nail biter (6 go to California).

I’ll post more updates when I have them. We wish we didn’t bring only flip flops.


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