Raw Kale Salad

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Mel K sent this in!

“This is 1 serving…

1. A couple of leafs of kale – cleaned, then dice really fine (I shred one way with a knife, then rotate and shred the other way). Rub the kale with a generous pinch of sea salt and a good slug of olive oil – rub it in to help soften the kale!

2. Add a whole grapefruit (sectioned, so the pith is off!). Squeeze the juice of the grapefruit over the salad.

3. Add half an avocado.

4. Add about half a cup of walnuts, soaked for a few hours if possible (neutralizes the enzyme inhibitors) and drained.

5. Can also add: asian pear, and/or purple grapes.

The great thing about kale as a salad base is that you can make it for lunch and don’t have to worry about it going wilty and gross, like regular lettuce and salad greens….the kale actually softens up a bit more if you let it sit, so by lunchtime it’s amazing!”