Raw Food Truffles

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Mel K sent me this recipe… and then I made them so I could take a picture.

* ½ cup coconut butter -can get at Health Food Heaven – warmed to soften * I used Coconut Manna from Nesters
* ¾ cup agave and/or maple syrup
* 2 tsp vanilla
* ¼ tsp sea salt
* 1 cup dried shredded coconut
* 2 cups raw cacao powder

1. In a food processor, blend the coconut butter, agave, vanilla and salt.
2. Add the coconut, ½ cup at a time until smooth.
3. Add in cacao power and blend until smooth.
4. Refrigerate for about 10 minutes or more to set.
5. Make into small truffle balls – roll in cacao powder or coconut to finish. I do some in each, so some are white and some brown….makes for a stunning plate of truffles! *I couldn’t get the coconut to stick so just rolled it in the cocao.

Depending on how big the truffles, this can make 25-50 *Clearly in the photo above mine are a bit large since I only got 20 out of the batter.

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