Rainy sunday….unless you were up high.

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I hope that everyone who went skiing this weekend had some great turns and your legs survived! It was a pretty um… rainy weekend down here at sea level!

We saw 12 new people through Foundations 1, and a few more finished their last one and joined the regular classes (just in time for some really “good” workouts…The Lundini, and Christine).
(How did those legs feel this weekend Kirsten?!!)

Our only other exciting update for the weekend was the addition of satellite radio to the gym (it was only a matter of time before you guys got comfortable enough with us to tell us that you too are sick of our music). If you know which stations are good for our workouts let us know so I don’t have to terrorize any more classes with experimentation (I don’t think that Foundations 3 class today really appreciated it too much when Alicia Keys made her way on). Sorry people, I was torn between coaching through the wod, and managing the music…and the coaching seemed to take over.

Here is a good video that seems fitting for a rainy sunday in November (the worst month of the year, in my opinion). Perhaps all we need is a little attitude adjustment! ha.


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