Rainy Day Updates

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Consensus today was that it felt like a full moon… but we couldn’t be farther from it… change in weather then??

Whatever the case, it was a strange one… kids were allegedly badly behaved this morning, two people lost a shoe during separate classes today (literally fell off), and we had lots of late cancels this evening. weird.

Here are a few updates and random things:

1. There are people who missed out on the bison order and are keen to buy some off of anyone who wants to part with some… post to comments if you are on either end of that potential deal.

2. We have a bike rack now! It’s at the back door.

3. The pass renewal issue with activation dates got sorted out today. Now when you buy a new one online it will say that it’s activating on that day… but it will automatically update the start date once the current one runs out. You should have no problems with sign-in.

4. And on a completely random note, on the way to the early class this morning on CBC they were talking about cilantro and why 50% of the north american population thinks its tastes like soap (I thought just Jesse did until today). Apparently our perception of taste and whether or not we associate it with the similar chemicals in cleaning agents depends somewhat on our exposure to it at an early age. Here is an article about it if you find that sort of stuff interesting!

That’s all for today….

We had all of our classes spend a bunch of time stretching at the end of the hour, so if you missed today make sure you at least get a good stretch of the glutes and hams in.


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