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Before we go any further, that was the name of the meet we were at and not a delusional expression of what I feel went down yesterday. Though, that said, Heather did put some solid foot to *ss winning the women’s Raw division (as the smallest of the 4 women in the division, and whole meet) by a bit of a landslide (thanks in part to the Wilks coefficient) and walking away with some sweet prizes including a “meat vacation”, or as they call it a “Haycation Farm Stay”, which consists of a 2 night stay in a cottage on an grass-fed ranch in Washington state. I pulled off 5/9 lifts over current PR’s and got to watch Mark Bell do his thing, which is enough to get me all fired up. Comments:

1. Bench with a “press” command at the bottom really changes the game (it appears to be a short pause when you’re watching, but feels like and eternity when you’re lifting)

2. I would like to know if there is any data behind the size of people and how friendly they are. Big guys, so awesome.


Heather (BWT: 122#)

Squat: 67.5 (148.8#)- 75 (165.4#)- /80 (176.4#)
Bench: 45 (99.2#)- 50 (110.2#)- /52.5 (115.7#)
Dead: 112.5 (248#)- 120 (264.6#)- 125 (275.6#)

Total: 250 (551.2#)


Jesse (BWT: 180#)

Squat: 140 (308.7#)- 150 (330.7#)- 155 (341.7#)
Bench: 97.5 (215#)- 102.5 (226#)- 105 (231.5#)
Dead: 185 (407.9#)- 192.5 (424.4#)- 197.5 (435.4#)

Total: 457.5 (1008.6# or 5.5# over Mark Bells squat)

Mark Bell (BWT: 275#) out of Super Training in Sacramento California

Squat: 455 (1003.1#)
Bench: 380 (837.8#) he missed his attempt at 392.5 (865.3#) check out the video below
Dead: 345 (760.6#)

Total: 1180 (2601.5#)

Mark Bell Bench Attempt (865.3#) from jesse bifano on Vimeo.

Mark Bell Deadlift at 760.6# from jesse bifano on Vimeo.

…. and then we ate a large pizza. and felt good about it.

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