Quality, Consistency, then Intensity; and Fear of the ROM

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The last couple days we’ve been reviewing some of the basic movement patterns (Pull-up, OH Squat, and KB Swing). As coaches we’ve found this very valuable, as it’s seen a bunch of you to new PR Pull-up maxes and an increased efficiency in others movements. I’ve mentioned to some of you that anytime I do more than 10 reps of a movement I’ll run though the performance points in my head every 10 reps or so, as anytime I’ve done this I can often find ways to improve efficiency which saves me energy and make me faster. Inefficient movement equals poor mechanics and makes you slower, and develops negative neural patterning. It’s because of this that we have to remember that as we’re learning or progressing the movements, our order of operations must remain the same: Quality movement (ROM and mechanics), consistency (quality movement over multi reps/rounds), intensity (giddi up). This is how we achieve long term progression.


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