Putting your pass on hold policy

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Happy rainy Wednesday!

We have done our best to be understanding and fair regarding putting your passes on hold while you are away. It is a tricky thing to manage and seems to be getting trickier as we grow. The reason we decided to put passes on hold in the first place is so you didn’t have to buy a 10 punch pass (which is less cost effective) if you knew you would be going away soon into the passes duration. We definitely appreciate that going away for vacation or work is a big part of life in Squamish so our goal has been to find a balance between fairness and not having the majority of 1 month passes turn into a 6 week passes. We have been giving this a fair bit of thought and this is what we have decided… we hope this seems fair:

1 month pass: can put on hold if you are gone for more than 7 days straight
3 month pass: can put on hold if you are gone for more than 2 weeks straight
6 month and 1 year passes: can put on hold if you are going to be away for more than a month straight

Please be honest with us about your departure and return dates.

Putting passes on hold for sickness or injury is not an option… not because we are being unreasonable, but because this is a huge grey zone and we want you to talk with us as there is usually a modification for you.

If your situation is unique please speak to us in advance. As always, our goal remains to give you the best product we can deliver. Talk to us if you have concerns.

Heather & Jesse