Push-ups Schedule Weeks 5-6

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As our Push-ups Series gets more and more time consuming and taxing on the system I’ve scheduled them into our programming in a fashion that best suites both class time, and your recovery. Here’s what the next couple weeks and the conclusion of this series look like (please read carefully, print off, or mark on your calendar as to avoid getting off course or left behind):

Push-up Series Schedule:

Push-ups Day 12/18: In class or as homework (Friday Jan. 13th)
Push-ups Day 13/18: Homework (Sunday Jan. 15th)
Push-ups Day 14/18: In class (Tuesday Jan. 17th)
Push-ups Day 15/18: Homework (Friday Jan. 20th)
Push-ups Day 16/18: Homework (Sunday Jan. 22nd)
Push-ups Day 17/18: Homework (Wednesday Jan. 25th)
Push-ups Day 18/18: In class (Saturday Jan. 28th)

Also: if you’re sore as f*ck from yesterday, spend today on gentle mobility and active recovery. You’ll need those legs again tomorrow:)

I’d recommend: paying attention to the hips, especially the hip flexors…. maybe even yoga tonight!


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