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I’m reposting this from a couple days ago (with some minor updates), as it seems the World Wide Web ate the last one:

As I’ve mentioned over the last couple weeks we will be beginning the “100 Push-ups” series on Monday (Dec. 19th). This will run well into January and for the first 4 weeks we’ll be doing this on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The reason we’re starting now is it works so well during the busy holiday season. So if you know:

1. You won’t be in on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday for the next 4 weeks (for example Monday Dec. 26th)


2. You’re already away and therefore the above applies to you

Go to OneHundredPush-ups.com and follow along while your away. Week 1 Day 1 will be Monday Dec. 19th. If you don’t already have a max set you’ll need this before Monday.

note: All our regular Push-up standard apply both your initial test and work sets

also note that: Monday Dec. 26th will be Week 2 day 1

Post any questions to comments


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