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Short shorts Fridays!!! Starting this Friday!

A seasonal favourite at CrossFit Whistler, and now brought to you at CrossFit Squamish, the first weekly short shorts Fridays. It was a delayed start to summer so we gave you a few extra weeks of sun before bringing this in. It took about 6 weeks in Whistler of Steve and I patiently leading by example before it caught like wildfire. I have much higher expectations of you guys. It’s as simple as it sounds.

Let me give you a few examples:
-cut off jean shorts (pockets should be showing out the bottom)
-cut off coloured jean shorts
-70’s running shorts
-anything tericloth
-short short jumper suits

Unfortunately the latest lululemon fashions just don’t cut it… they are too nice (unless they actually belong to your girlfriend or wife).

Remember, its not about how your legs look in the shorts, its about how creative you can be.
Also remember, you can cut almost any pair of old pants into a great pair of shorts shorts.


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