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Trevor’s friend Nevada has set up a prepared raw food bin delivery system. If you are interested here is some info that she sent me:

“Late in the summer a doctor from Squamish approached me and asked if I would be interested in starting a business that distributed prepared, low glycemic index, raw foods. While he greatly valued the benefits of eating nutrient dense superfoods, raw, organic vegetables, greens, nuts, seeds and fruits, he was unable to integrate them into his diet with regularity. The prepared food bins are not designed to replace your meals for the week or convert anyone into a raw foodist; instead, they simply allow you to integrate more raw food into your diet. The bins provide portable snacks, meals and drinks that allow you to eat incredibly delicious and nutritious food often and with ease. If you have allergies or food sensitivities you will find the bins
especially beneficial since they contain no wheat, dairy, soy, preservatives, sugar or sugar byproducts.
I include probiotic drinks and foods into the bin that assist with digestion and include a small write-up with each bin that explains the menu for the week. I studied with Dr. Gabriel Cousins at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Centre, where he has been curing both type one and type two diabetes and many other diseases with low glycemic index foods and vegetable juices. Due to his influence I keep the bins free of sugars, including excessive fruit sugars.

The bins are made with %100 organic foods, many of which are sourced from local organic farms. The bins are also made with raw, organic nuts and seeds and the oils and condiments are also sourced from raw food
distributors. As winter gets closer I will be integrating some steamed root vegetables into the bins and also including some stews and soups, but the bins will primarily remain raw. The bin service requires a $55.00 NONREFUNDABLE fee to cover the cost of the bins and glass food containers. The weekly bin costs $100.00 and is delivered once a week to your home.

Here are some samples of the menus I have used in the past few weeks:

WEEK ONE: raw chocolate gRAWnola, fresh almond mylk with wildcrafted vanilla, probiotic Japanese water kefir with wild blackberries, falafel with tahini sauce, cous cous salad, green smoothie, squash alfredo with
spicy greens, kelp noodle salad with kaffir lime-ginger dressing, flax-almond-raisin bread, cucumber dill salsa and raw chocolate energy balls.

WEEK TWO: pad thai, coconut ceviche with chopped kale, summer corn salsa with walnuts and spinach, sunflower seed pate with basil and whole coriander, almond-carrot-flax bread with coconut oil to spread, blended
beet borscht, kefir with wildcrafted orange essence and probiotic fruit, raw chocolate energy balls and sunflower seed mylk with wildcrafted hazelnut essence.

WEEK THREE: blended soup with greens, avocado, dill and lime, zucchini pasta with chard and pecans, blended hemp and coconut mylk, probiotic veggie krout, apple-ginger kefir, walnut pate, chia pudding with goji
berries and fresh coconut, mixed greens salad with nectarines, almonds and ginger-chick pea miso dressing that can also be used for steamed vegetables, flax and celery crackers and raw chocolate energy balls.

The bins are delivered on Tuesdays and I arrange a meeting before the first bin to collect the nonrefundable fee and the $100.00 for the first bin. If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas please feel free to email me:, or text: 250 272 6523 or phone my landline: 702 722 0118”


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