Powerlifting is the sport of attempting a maximal weight, for a combined total, of the back squat, bench press and deadlift. At CrossFit Squamish we have a team of athletes who specialize in the powerlifts and compete 1-2 times per year. They train 4-6 days a week for 1-2 hours a day. These athletes are programmed using the Westside Barbell Conjugate System and we work closely with Shane and Laura Sweatt of Sweatt Shop in Cincinnati Ohio to keep our program moving productively forward.

We perform a “max effort” and a “dynamic effort” every week, for each the upper and lower body. The training couples these efforts with a constantly revolving door of accessory work targeting the major muscle groups used in each lift. We use bands, chains, and specialty bars to build strength through our weaker (or easier) ranges, to keep the athletes motivated to work hard, to add variety to the training, and to force constant adaptation in their bodies.

This system has kept all of our athletes on a constant climb with their personal records (PRs). We have achieved multiple provincial records, transitioned two of our highschool athletes to collegiate football, one female athlete has achieved an “elite” level powerlifting total (http://southernpowerlifting.com/rawclass.php) and others are closing in on this status. We take our lifting very seriously and will continue to produce better and better athletes each year.

Because we believe so strongly in this system of strength training, we use a variation of it as our baseline strength component for our regular CrossFit programming. This allows our CrossFit athletes to see significant strength and stability gains without having to specialize in powerlifting. If you are interested in specializing in powerlifting or competing with our team please contact jesse@crossfitsquamish.ca for more information.

Strength training shouldn't be considered an addition to your athletics or living, it should be the springboard from which all athletics and awesome human function are pursued, improved and maintained.