Powerlifting Results

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First off, good on all of you. Heather and I had a great time on Friday watching all of you lift. The quality of movement is strong and ever improving and the numbers continue to rise. Out of curiousity I did some number calculations yesterday. These are my results:

Top 10 Totals (men):

Travis: 1015
Cory: 1010
Andrew: 1000
Slater: 997.5
Kevin: 850
Onur: 835
Ernie: 817.5
BW: 805
Nick: 805
Michael: 782.5

Top 10 Totals using the Wilks Coefficient (men):

Travis: 665.1
Andrew: 659.2
Slater: 690.9
Cory: 618
Nick: 603.9
Kevin: 572.5
Onur: 534.2
Ernie: 523.6
BW: 518.3
The Hitman: 503.3

Top 10 Totals (women):

Danica: 610
Jen: 540
Kathleen: 525
Jamie: 505
Mel L: 500
Jenn: 495
Tanya: 495
CGB: 490
Susan: 485
Carmen: 482.5

Top 10 Totals using the Wilks Coefficient (women):

Jen: 588.6
Amber: 584.7
Mel L: 574.8
Tanya: 538.8
Carlee: 536.6
Jamie: 523.6
Karen: 512.4
Danica: 508.8
Kat: 500.9
Mandy: 499.8

Wilks Coefficient: “The main function of the Wilks formula is in weightlifting involved in both Olympic and Powerlifting contests. It is used to identify the best lifters across the different bodyweight categories and can also be used to compare men and women lifters as there are formulas for both gender. First, second and third places on the winner’s podium within their own age, bodyweight and gender classes are awarded to the competitors who lift the most weight respectively. Where two lifters in a class achieve the same combined total lifted weight the lighter lifter is determined the winner.” (Wikipedia)