Physio and Massage Appointments

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Good morning.

There has been a little bit of a buzz around the gym with Karen’s new clinic space downtown. We thought it would be a good time to update you on what is going on and what the clinic schedules are going to look like. In an effort to find out the best times for physio in the gym clinic Karen and I have tinkered around with the schedule a bit. She will continue to work Wednesday afternoon/evenings in the gym, but has also added some time slots on different days of the week to see what other times are in demand (including Monday evenings and Saturday mornings). Though Karen is happy to see new CrossFitter patients in her new space, she is asking that you check the gym clinic schedule first to see if there is something that works for you. You can also use the waitlist feature (button in the top right of the search results page) just like you do for massage. We check and manage the waitlist regularly. If you are on the waitlist please also send her a quick email ( to let us know which days work best for you guys. This will help us learn what is in demand as we plan to spend the next few months optimizing our schedules.

Thanks also to everyone who has been so patient with my busy massage schedule. I have been away a few weekends and will be gone for a week starting this Friday which has kept the schedule a little tight… but I anticipate that it will settle down a bit after we are back 🙂 As always, I constantly manage my waitlist (you know how much I like organizing things!) and do my best to get everyone in.

Last thing! I just posted a link to a free 2 day Kelly Starrett online seminar called Maintaining Your Body on our Facebook page…. I think it will be worth checking out.

Heather (and Karen)