Personal Training Sessions with Jayde

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I’m excited to let everyone know that I have opened up some hours in my schedule for some one on one and small group training sessions! I am happy to work on any skills and movements you feel need some attention. Recently I have done some private sessions with people focusing on gymnastic skills and tuning up Olympic lifts. I have had a lot of personal success over the last year with my gymnastics skills. As coaches we learn a lot through personal experience and I want to share what I have learned; especially progressions and movement patterns that will help build strength and body awareness to improve technique and efficiency.

In the past I have heard a lot about my glutes not firing properly and the issues this caused to deal with. Coming out of an injury and re-building this muscle group from the ground up is something I feel confident helping others with. It’s a more common issue than most people might imagine.

With the CrossFit Open under way now is a great time to dial in and focus on those pieces that give you a bit of a tougher time.

If you are interested in booking some time please take a look at my schedule online under the Personal Training tab in Mindbody and you are welcome to ask me about other times if the availability doesn’t work for you. These sessions are available to both CFS members and non members 🙂