People on the move…

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A lot of our CrossFitters are coming back from the south… and east (that one’s for you Brad). Krista and I got back from Costa Rica a couple of days ago and saw two different Squamish groups while we were away!


I can tell you that practicing free standing hand-stands is a million times less scary on sand than it is in the gym… I highly recommend it!

Classes over the last few weeks somewhat resembled the early days. It was amazing that we went from waitlists for the 6am all through December and January, to only 1 person in the 6 am several times during the Olympics (right Julie?!).

Class distribution is great and we generally have less waitlists now than before. You guys have been great about confirming your spots or canceling out so we are going to tweak the waitlist system slightly. From now on when you get moved from the waitlist into the class you will still receive the confirmation email, however, you DO NOT have to confirm that you are coming as we will automatically assume that you are. If you no longer want the spot you DO need to either cancel yourself out or email us to let us know. So what we are asking of you here is that you be accountable for the waitlist requests that you make, as getting in and not showing up will be considered a no-show… here’s the thing… if someone cancels out last minute and you get bumped in, we recognize that isn’t very much notice and it may not always work. So please please be considerate of your training partners and give as much notice as possible if you have to cancel out. If you are registered for a 6am or 7am class we need you to CANCEL OUT BY 10pm THE NIGHT BEFORE so the waitlist people can check before they go to bed. Genuine emergencies will always be the exception to the rule. Just email us.

We know that this won’t work 100% of the time… we just ask that you are considerate of others (i.e waking up a 5:30am and deciding that you want more sleep is not cool for the person on the waitlist who really wanted the spot)… our system keeps track of late cancels and no-shows. We get that “accidental misses” and emergencies happen so don’t worry, we won’t be on your case for these…. just if it’s a trend 😉

And on another sad note…. today we said bye to Marlee and Gerard who have packed up their lives into shipping trucks and are flying to Boston tomorrow… for good. Gerard was one of my original training partners at CrossFit Whistler, and his wife Marlee started with us here when we opened. We are going to miss you guys a lot. Marlee, people are already talking about how much they miss you being around. We wish you the very best and hope that you find amazing community in Boston, you certainly added a lot to ours. (and Marlee you look friggin awesome so you better keep it up!)
IMG_1952 IMG_1847

It was pretty darn cute today when they came by with their kids to say goodbye… Marlee opened the back door of the car to take Will out of his car seat and the first thing he said was “can I do pullups?”

Appreciate all of the great people in your lives… cause it’s sad when they move!