Our Titans of the 2013 CrossFit Taranis Titan Challenge

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It’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged. I know that. I like to think I’m a “stoic” blogger: I don’t blog often, but when I do…

Team CrossFit Squamish:

After 8 WODs in 3 days the team finished in 9th place. But their journey really began back in September with the 4 qualifying WODs. They were 13th of the 43 teams that competed in the qualifying WODs and the 24 that received an invitation. Through the weekend they slowly closed that down to 9th. They’re the only team in the top 10 who had zero Regionals athletes on it. What makes this team amazing is not the awesomeness of each person (though they are all awesome) but what you get when you put them all together. Each athlete brings they’re own bit of something to the team… like the giant Transformer you get when all the Transformers combine (know as a “combiner”, in case you were interested in a little early ’90’s Hasbro trivia)
Slater: Always strong, steady, and quiet. Slater is a closer, and I have yet to see him get rattled, crack, or show any signs of faltering. This is an exceptionally rare quality, and a binding force on a team.
Matt: This has been his best performance to date! After 4-1/2 years of CrossFit Matt continues to press forward, work hard, overcome difficulties, and make improvements. He worked hard to be his best this weekend and executed well.
Ellen:….. How far she has come. If I had just 1 useless penny for every person that makes a positive Ellen comment I would probably be able to retire “The SHF” (my car) and buy a ’78 single cab Ford F-150, gloss black, red pins. Ellen’s a great competitor, positive, and fun.
Heather: 2.5 years ago Heather won the woman’s division with her coefficient at a PL meet in Lynnwood, 25 months ago she placed 5th for course record on a grindy 50 miler in Southern California, 15 months ago she successfully completed one of the 4 hardest 100 mile races in North America, 4 weeks ago she placed 2nd with her coefficient at a PL meet in Seattle (pulling 303# off the floor at a body weight of 131). And now after a 4 year hiatus once again competed for CrossFit. Not only does she remain injury free, but she remains motivated and excited to move forward with new challenges and goals. It gets easier and easier through life to put the car in neutral, or stick to what you’re good at or comfortable doing. She’s an example to all of us.

The Individuals:

Fraser: He’s been working 12 hour night shifts since Oct. 8th (4PM-4AM) in Vancouver, training between shifts with Jayde and got off work Friday morning and got back to Squamish at 4:30, slept for a couple hours then made his way to Victoria. On the Saturday night Individual workout he said in passing (when I inquired as to how he was): “feeling good, just starting my shift”. Fraser ended up 4th behind Joe Scali, the legendary Steve Howell, and Conner Nelson (all well accomplished CrossFit athletes).

Brad: Quote of the weekend after Brad won his heat on event 6: “Who the f*ck is Brad Burling?”. Fair question. He’s quiet, humble, and unassuming. He also really wants to get to Regionals, isn’t shaken by competition, and works like a mutherf*cker after 3-2-1-go (not really that different from Slater actually). Brad ended up 7th and shows great promise in the next year.

Jayde: This girl is a force to be reckoned with. This is how the first 9 workouts went against some heavy hitting competition: 1st-1st-7th-4th-4th-1st-3rd-1st-1st. 5 of 9 1st places is staggering. Alas, the 25′ handstand walks allowed her to be edged out of first in event 10. But her gymnastics skills get better each week, and come Regionals she will be ready.

What I appreciate and love the most about CrossFit Squamish athletes:

-They move well (and people regularly comment on that)
-They’re friendly and approachable
-They’re coachable, receptive to feedback, and quickly adapt to cuing
-They work well in adverse conditions
-They’re willing to work hard

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