Our amazing powerlifting crew: The story of this weekend’s meet!

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(The amazing Mr. Kevin Haberl!!)

(The amazing Mr. Kevin Haberl!!)

This past Saturday I accompanied ten of our powerlifters to CrossFit Vernon for the 100% Raw Meet. It was the largest number of our powerlifting crew we’ve had out to an event (almost half the team) and for six of them, it was their first meet.

As many know, I’m particularly fussy about the quality, punctuality, and effort organizers and judges put into both the athletes and the event. I’ve never seen any reason a meet can’t be timely, fun, and designed to give the athletes their best chance of success (to me, this means means enough rules to make it both fair and measurable, but free from all the ridiculousness and “because we said so’s”). 100% Raw (the federation) and CrossFit Vernon (notably Deanna Fester) did a fantastic job and I would say without hesitation, it was the best meet I’ve been to north of the border. I look forward to the next time we compete in this federation.

I couldn’t be more proud of our team. In addition to all the PRs, national, and world records (love putting these up on the wall), they competed with integrity, always had smiles on their faces, visited and made new friends, learned a bunch (particularly in the bench), and represented Squamish Barbell in a way we can all be proud of.

  • KJ: 192.5(PR)+121+236.5(PR)=550(PR) *1st in class, 1st PL meet, and successfully deadlifted without the “tin man” feeling that has been associated with deadlifting in the past.
  • Dar: 176(PR)+99(PR)+231(PR)= 506(PR) *1st in class, 1st PL meet, 56 years old, and stoked to be lifting heavy. It’s awesome to see her out on the platform and excited.
  • Sammy: 225.5+126.5+165=517 *1st in class, 1st PL meet, and a great attitude after returning from a torn hamstring a couple months ago.
  • Britt: 247.5(PR)+148+286(PR)= 681.5 *1st in class, 1st PL meet, and a rad milestone with some big lifts in the very near future.
  • Kailen: 451 (PR/NR)+280.5(PR/NR)+572(PR/WR)= 1303.5 (PR/WR) *1st in class, 17 years old, 179.3# BWT… read the last part again and note the age and weight! 34.1 pounds over triple bodyweight dead!
  • Carlo: 302.5+225.5+401.5=929.5*1st in class, 1st PL meet, and an amazing job of putting it together after months on the road and a crazy busy work and life schedule (just won business of the year for Sea to Sky Air).
  • Cliff: 401.5(PR/NR)+247.5(NR)+462(PR/NR)=1111(PR/NR) *1st in class, and 1st in our hearts. Sporting the traditional “Miller Dressed for Success” Tuxedo Singlet, he crushed his previous PRs from his last meet just over a month ago.
  • Kevin: 374(PR/NR)+214.5+352(PR)=940.5 *1st in class, 1st PL meet, and an amazing success story coming back from his climbing accident just over three years ago. At 53 years old (now 56), it was unclear if he would really be able to do much again with a fully fused and screwed ankle. He easily hit all time PRs.
  • Andrew: 451(PR tie)+291.5+577.5=1320 *1st in class, 2nd meet of the year, and as co-leader of the Smith Clan, he manages to stay ahead of the kid for another meet 😉
  • Cory: 517(PR)+319+566.5(PR)= 1402.5 (PR) *1st in class, and 1st meet in more than two years. He managed three all time PRs, even though he opened his bench at 264 (“I don’t know, I thought 120Kgs was heavier than that”) 264-291.5-319 – out of lifts, not out of strength, * eye roll.

There you have it.  Could we have asked for anything more??

– Jesse