Open WOD 12.3 (Pre Game Show)

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Here’s the MWOD 12.3 update as well as a couple links off for Box Jumping mechanics and efficiency

Efficiency Tips for the Box Jumps with Matt Chan

Perfecting the Box Jump with Kelly Starrett and Carl Paoli

As per Open WODs usual we’ll be running two heats to be able to judge each other. Given that this workout is an 18min. AMRAP I would strongly encourage you to show up very punctually with a good plan in place. Watch the movements standards on the games site, pre mobility tonight before bed, and again tomorrow before class (if possible). Check out the MWOD link above for tonight or tomorrows prep work. Brad hit this WOD on Wednesday night and I can tell you it’s going to take a little giddi up:)

Key Elements of 12.3:
-consistent efficiency of movement
-great prep work and warm up