Open In House Teams Release

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Okay e-vry-body… here are the official in house teams for the 2016 Open at CrossFit Squamish.  If you have registered and don’t see your name on here it is likely that you didn’t choose CrossFit Squamish as your affiliate and are therefore not showing up on the affiliate list even though you are officially registered to participate.  Log in, add yourself, let me know ( and I’ll add you to a team immediately!  If you are still on the fence and decide to sign up in the next couple of days, same thing just let me know.


ELLEN/PARKY (team colour RED, name TBD):


* Adam

* Cheal Jr.

* Mando

* Jon

* Pat

* Susan

* CF Andrew Smith

* Christine C.

* DK

* Wyatt

* Nils

* Lindsay


JESSE/SLATER (team BLACK… yes they chose black, name TBD… and probably equally creative):


* Alida

* Clint

* Angela

* Francesca

* Kailen

* Jen M.

* Dobs

* Matt Lucas

* Fury

* Renee

* Tanya Slater

* Liz




* Kathy

* Mel K.

* Bal

* Glen

* Jamie P.

* Devin

* Tonya

* Dave

* Stewie

* Matt F.

* Lesley

* Kris



1. Your team leaders will be in touch with you to give you any relevant info

2. The 16.1 workout will be released on at 5pm on Thursday night.  The first thing you need to do after watching the release video is take a deep breath and remember that it is just a workout on home turf.  We truly believe you guys are well prepared!

3. You MUST sign in for the evening session for competitors if you are coming at that time.  The heats will be built from this list by Friday morning (so signing in 10 mins before is inconsiderate and waaaaay too late!!)

4. Heats will be posted on the CrossFit Squamish Facebook page Friday morning.  You will be in a heat with half of the people from your own team as well as people from another team.

5. When you arrive at the gym on Friday night there will be a warm up for you on the 2nd whiteboard (as opposed to the main whiteboard).  Your team leaders will be able to help you with any concerns.

6. You are encouraged to bring friends and family to watch!

7. Anyone available to judge (you DO NOT need to have taken the judges course) please contact to let him know.

8. On Friday night after the last heat we are going to stay to have a bevi together to celebrate Mando’s birthday (week).  BYOB.  If its anyone other competing athlete’s birthday week please make it obnoxiously clear to us and we’ll celebrate yours too.  Moving forward lets do this for any birthdays of competing athletes for the next 5 weeks?  Why not?!

9. Points accumulation will be based on the previous blog post’s list and categories may be added at any time.


It’s finally here!!! Let’s do this!!!