Online booking and payments update

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Our schedule is loaded and open to sign-up for classes, massage therapy and the grand opening party. We are using Mindbody for all our online booking which is an amazing program, however very complicated. I have completed 3 of my 4 mandatory phone tutorials and have spent countless hours trying to familiarize myself with the program and all its millions of settings. I have done my very best to check all the default settings to make it as user friendly as possible. I have just changed the setting to allow people to sign up for classes without paying in advance. I have heard from a few of you who tried to sign up for the grand opening that you were asked for payment. This should not happen now!

The second part of the system is our account with Moneris to take credit card payments and autobilling over the internet. We will also have a terminal at the gym to take payments onsite for memberships, classes and massage therapy appointments. The process to get Moneris up and running has been very slow (for example we don’t actually have an assigned postal code for our building..who knows why, but they wouldn’t process our application until I came up with one), we may not have an online payment option for another week or so. I think that we will have our actual terminal by the opening party though! I will keep you posted. In the mean time, please feel free to just sign up for classes and we will deal with payment when you show up. If you have any problems signing in or see something that makes the system less than 100% user friendly please let us know (I kid you not, there are millions of settings in the program).

Have a good day