One Piece Ski Suit Day Details!

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Ok, even though I fear what might happen when I tuck this stirrup pant INTO my ski boot on Sunday I am also excited for the warmth that is created by the one piece ski suit and the flexibility of the spandex bottom half (good for tucking on the flats I assume?). There are two smallish suits up for grabs at the gym right now if you need one. Here is the plan: meet at the Creekside Gondola at 8:30am and take a safety in numbers approach to the rest of the day. If you miss us on the first meeting we’ll swing by the light board by the Roundhouse at 10:30 but that means you have to fend for yourself in your ugly/fancy suit for a bit and deal with awkward stares in the gondola. Play it cool like you are serious about your suit. If you need another meet up time text me at 848-8864 and we’ll figure it out. If you really can’t track down a onepiece or something equally outdated (I’ll be impressed with anyone that shows up in jeans, a Raiders windbreaker and a black beanie) just come anyways but know that you are now the weird looking one 😉 See you Sunday!