November & December Anniversaries and other notables!

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This pic is of Mandy at the Whistler half marathon YEARS ago (Jesse also ran it!)! This December is her 8 year anniversary with us and we were just talking about how 8 years feels like a lifetime in the gym and how much has changed! Also for the record, she did amazingly well at her first New Years Football Total today, post having Olivia!


Last Wednesday Cliff hit 1500 hours of training in the gym… he’s probably doubled that in volunteer hours!

And on the 16th Rory wrote his last university exam… he was one of our original CrossFit Kids!

And the anniversaries…


8 Year-
* Lesley
* Karen

7 Year-
* KJ
* Slater
* Kathleen
* Krystle

5 Year-
* Robyn (at UVic right now!)

4 Year-
* Pat

3 Year-
* Wyatt

1 Year-

* Rachael
* Melissa
* Sheena


8 Year-
* Mandy!
* Brad W.

3 Year-
* Dobs
* Ben K.