Nov. (?) 25th 2010

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It’s a Christmas miracle! The day that we’re starting our “5 weeks to Christmas Rest day Video Countdown” it snows like a bastard. Glorious. So to kick it off, we’ve got to go back to the winter of 1984…

In Armstrong we have this album both on Vinyl (it’s like a really big CD Kale) and cassette (not really like a CD at all) .

I strongly encourage all of you to stretch and dig into Hips, Hamstrings, and Glutes today. Check out Mobility WOD 95/365. Get after it.


Urgent and Breaking News: The Christmas Party will be Thursday Dec. 30th 2010

Location: Unknown
Plan: to be revealed

Also: Please have a look at the holiday schedule and adjust your class times appropriately. If you are not planning on attending the 6am on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday between Christmas and New Years please adjust your schedule so we know whether or not we need to leave it there over the holidays. Woohoo to Christmas

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