Nov. 21st 2010: CrossFit Total Highlights

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I dedicate this video to the Iceman, for his excellence in posting to comments:

Bang up job to all who have hit the CrossFit Total in the last couple days. It makes me feel warm in “the basement” that you all are so smittin’ with lifting. For those who couldn’t make it, or are wondering how it all when down. Here are some notable moments:

Matt: 345# Squat; first time pulling over 400# the Deadlift (405#), totalling 885#
Mike: more than 2x BWT Squat (350#)
Soraya: first woman in the gym to hit 300# on the Deadlift and break 600# on the total
Aimee: first woman in the gym to break 100# on the Shoulder Press (105#)
Andrew: 425# Deadlift
James: cheering himself on as he finished his 165# Shoulder Press


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