Not a Christmas party (yet) potluck…December 6th

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Since it rains all the time now we we’re thinking potluck again…not Christmas themed…more of a “it rains all the time and all I feel like doing is eating is comfort food” type feast. I have spent a lot of time lately chatting with people about various foods that are hearty and suitable for this weather. And to be honest Jesse and I are getting a little tired of our old repertoire of menu items so we thought we could collaborate and try each other’s foods.

….And there are quite a few of you that may not have met each other yet…or have met and grunted and sweat together, but not hung out.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 6th after the evening class….so 7ish… hopefully this date is a bit ahead of work Christmas party schedules. Bring whatever food item you like and bring anyone you want with you to hang out (you could even come to the workout before and then have your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/kids come watch the end of your workout and then eat with us). Sound good? Good.

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