New Year’s Football Total

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The third annual CrossFit Squamish New Year’s Football Total has been set for Saturday, December 31st. Right now there are three 1.5 hour classes listed on the schedule. I have shuffled everyone who was already signed in for that morning to one of those three classes. It’s hard to tell right now how many people are going to be we away so if we need to add another class at the end we will. Please try not to play the sign up for one, waitlist for another game as it makes it hard for everyone, including us, to sort out schedules.

Here is a video (not ours) I found of the Football Total (event #1) at the BC Sectionals we hosted 2 years ago up at Quest. Watch closely as there are a lot of familiar faces (and some bodies that have changed a lot!) in there: athletes, judges, platers, spectators etc. Too bad there isn’t even a hint of the women’s half of this event or else you would have seen Soraya and Mel too 😉 I find this… odd… given that one of the things that I love about CrossFit is the genuine level of respect that women get for their strength.

CrossFit Football Total from CrossFit Attitude on Vimeo.