New Website!!!

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We are so incredibly excited to announce that our brand new website has just gone live.  This is almost as exciting for us as moving into the new space was.  It has been a 6 month project and I feel like I just handed in my thesis 🙂

A huge thank you to Matt Magi of Voltage New Media in Victoria, BC.  We have worked with him since he did our website programming for our original site and it has been a total pleasure to have him design and put together this project for us.  Also a huge thank you to Kat Siepmann of Kat Siepmann Photography for her time over the last 15 months taking photos for the site.  Between the two of them, they have captured the essence and emotion of our gym and culture beautifully.  Thank you to everyone who agreed to be photographed or provided us with heartfelt quotes for the site.  Overall, the effort that people put into this site for us accurately reflects our gym culture of excellence.

Take some time to look around the site and familiarize yourself with it’s elements.   There is a Community page designed to be a social media hub for our people, and also has a Trophy Case to give you knuckle bumps for hard earned successes.  If you have come top 3 in your division (eg gender division), or won your age/weight class, at an event while you have trained with us, please email me the info so I can add you to the  case.  I did my best to remember what I could but that’s 5 years of events!

Go to THE NEW SITE … refresh your browser and check it out!