New post-Thanksgiving weight classes?

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If there was ever really any debate about whether or not those of us who sit smack in the middle of a weight class for the Strongman competition should try to go up or down a class…. Thanksgiving pretty much erased the option of going down…

Hope everyone’s long weekend was great and you feel rested coming into another 4 day block. We just spent the last 4 days in sunny and hot (no joke) Ontario. The first two days were at an Olympic Lifting course with Greg Everett. We were going to blog about how great it was but our fingers were too swollen and sore to type (slight exaggeration but also no joke). We got some great new cues and perspectives on the Olympic Lifts which is perfect timing in our lifting progressions right now.

If your weekend went anything like ours, the paleo concept slipped away with the first bite of pumpkin pie (or in Jesse’s case, the first 8 pieces of baguette with butter at dinner at my mum’s house).

Let’s reel it in a little this week and get back on track!

But don’t get too on track (except you Hitsman) because we have some sort of 1 year celebration plan in the works…. stay tuned