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We are very selective about the things we choose to carry at the gym (even though we deal with 2-3 “great offers” a day from supplement, equipment, t shirt, and app companies, gah!) and we are not being compensated to endorse this product. Here’s the distilled info on Blonyx HMB+Creatine (which we’ve carried for some time) as well as newly in stock HMB Sport and Beta Alanine. There is a ton of info and research out there and I’ve attached links to the Blonyx website where I’ve pulled this info from. From these links you can access all the other 3rd party research and make your own decisions.

Quickest Quick: These products are very simple, high quality, legal, commonly used, and heavily researched.

*I always encourage you to be skeptical, do your own research, ask questions, and monitor your results before, during, and after testing the product as you would with anything else you do.


Jesse (thoughts/experience):

*I use HMB + Creatine and have been doing so since the product first came out. I don’t cycle off unless I’m on vacation and don’t “pre load”. I take two scoops twice a day: 1 in my pre workout and 1 in my post workout smoothie.

*I see little to no change in my weight whether I’m on or off the product.

*I do see a drop in my performance after 3-4 day of not using the product.

*I think Rowan (owner of Blonyx) and his team are working hard to provide a first class product backed with as much information/research as possible.

*In the often sketchy world of supplements the idea that I know both the owner of this company and all the staff personally makes me feel better about supporting and using the product… And easier to track and kill if the need or reason arises.

*Think of it like a belt and lifters. Yes or course you can easily train and compete without them… And be a little suckier than you could be.

*I would recommend trying HMB + Creatine, I would recommend trying HMB Sport to those concerned with the affects of Creatine, and I would recommend trying Beta Alanine to CrossFitters.


Heather (thoughts/experience):

* I have also been taking HMB+Creatine since it was released.  I put one scoop in my pre-workout and one scoop in my post workout smoothie.  My understanding is that it can be taken any time of day but this is the easiest way for me to remember to take it.

* I also don’t notice any change in my body weight on or off it like some people complain about with creatine.

* The biggest effect for me is quick recovery from workouts.  I am rarely sore multiple days in a row and never as sore as I can get when not taking it.  This allows me to train harder each session than I would be able to not taking it.

* Like Jesse, I notice decreases in performance and recovery after 4-5 days of not taking it.

* On heavy competition days I have taken the HMB Sport to get the benefits of the HMB without taking excessive creatine

* I have done a detailed cost analysis of taking Blonyx HMB Creatine compared to taking separate Creatine and HMB.  The cost is almost exactly the same but in my opinion I’d rather have a combo product and I trust the quality of Blonyx more than the brands on supplement websites.  Supplements are all far from being created equally.


“Blonyx Quality Assurance:

*Blonyx products are manufactured in a GMP compliant manufacturing facility in the USA. The facility is compliant with both the FDA and Health Canada regulations.

*We hold both product licenses and a site license with Health Canada. This means that the ingredients we use, and the facility we manufacture in, meet standards set by Health Canada. We are also required to test our finished products in an independent lab to ensure that they always meet label claims.

*Blonyx products are made in a facility that is both NSF (GMP) and NSF (GMP for sport) certified to ensure quality and minimize the risk of contamination. As a further precaution we also have samples from every batch we make tested for banned substances by an independent lab.

*Blonyx is one of the few companies to hold a license to sell HMB. Licensed products must state this on the label: “Nutritional uses of Calcium β-Hydroxy β-Methylbutyrate Monohydrate are licensed to Blonyx under U.S. Patent # 6, 103, 764”.

*At Blonyx we take time to select and then fully test the ingredients we use in our products. We do this to ensure that simplicity and purity of our ingredients is the same used in the research studies we quote on this page.

Understanding Creatine for the layman (myths and truths):


HMB + Creatine:

*Why take it:

-HMB and Creatine both increase strength when training involves movements like Squats, Bench Press, and Deadlift.

-HMB  improves endurance performance when training involves

running and cycling.

-Both HMB and Creatine speed muscle mass gains with training.

– Creatine adds body water weight. This can be good for strength athletes, but can inhibit athletes working on body weight movements, speed or endurance.

– HMB reduces the recovery time needed between training sessions.

-Both HMB and Creatine have been shown to have a series of health benefits.

* HMB is important in muscle health. It is stored in the muscles and used to build, maintain and repair muscle cells.

* Creatine is stored in the muscle and acts as a very rapid, but limited source of energy for very high intensity muscle contractions.

*Take HMB+ Creatine twice a day, every day – including rest days. The HMB in the product works much better if taken consistently and will help repair muscle while recovering

* There is no research to show cycling Creatine has a benefit, and HMB supplementation should be kept consistent to get the best results.

* Where Creatine loading has been used in many studies, there are also studies showing you get the same results without loading. We feel that, as this is the case, we see no reason for you to take more and find that it may even cause stomach cramping.

* You may notice muscle weight gain within the first week of taking it. You may also notice quick jumps in strength by week two. HMB has a slower, but more consistent and continuous effect that becomes noticeable after 3-4 weeks.


HMB Sport:

*Why take it:

-Increases strength when training involves movements like Squats, Bench Press, and Deadlift.

-Speed improvements in endurance performance when training involves

running, cycling, and rowing.

-Increases muscle mass gains when training to increase strength.

-Reduces blood indicators of muscle cell damage after high training loads.

-Reduces the recovery time needed between training sessions.

-Found to have a number of health benefits such as reduced blood pressure

and cholesterol level.

*(β-Hydroxy β-Methylbutyrate) is needed by the body to protect and repair muscle tissue. It is thought to do this by slowing muscle protein breakdown and speeding protein synthesis, and also by preserving the structural integrity of your muscle cells.

*Lots of research has now shown that supplementing the diet with HMB improves exercise performance by supporting muscle cell repair and adaptation. It has been shown to speed strength and muscle mass gains in strength athletes, and improve endurance performance in cyclists and runners.

*It is one of the most researched supplement ingredients proven to improve athletic performance right behind Creatine Monohydrate. As a result, HMB and Creatine are two of a select few supplement ingredients to have been assessed by the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN). As a result, the ISSN has issued position statements attesting to their effectiveness.

*Calcium HMB (used in Blonyx prodcuts) is completely safe to take with no reported side effects.

*HMB’s effects are most beneficial when you are pushing your body to its limits in order to stimulate muscle adaptation.

Beta Alanine:

*Why take it:

-Enhances rowing performance at shorter distances (500m-2000m).

-Improves cycling capacity and sprint performance.

-Extends time to exhaustion when training at high intensity for short bouts

(up to 5min.).

-Can increase power output when doing high intensity interval training like

Airdyne sprints.

-In strength based training it increases the volume of reps an athlete is

capable of achieving.

-May also be an antioxidant and have other health benefits.

*BETA-Alanine will increase muscular endurance during short to mid-range, high intensity training. It is ideal for athletes wanting to squeeze a few extra reps out of a 10+ rep set or a few more meters/calories from their short interval sprints.

*In muscle cells, BETA-Alanine is combined with the amino acid Histidine to create Carnosine. Carnosine buffers lactic acid build-up slowing the onset of fatigue.

*BETA-Alanine will increase muscle carnosine levels only with regular and continued use. Using BETA-Alanine daily will result in better performance in high intensity training of 1-5 mins duration after about 3 weeks.

*BETA-Alanine dissolves very easily in just about any liquid and, because of its sweetness, is easy to mix with a little water for quick consumption.

*BETA-Alanine does not interact with other supplement ingredients so you are safe to take it with any shake, capsule pill or other supplement you currently take. Please make sure you know if any other supplements you are taking already have beta alanine in them to ensure you aren’t overdosing.

*Side Effects: Beta Alanine is knows for causing “paresthesia” which is the mild stimulation of nerve endings in the skin. This causes a mild tingling or prickly heat feeling usually in the skin of the arms and face. Parasthesia is not harmful in any way and will subside quickly. With regular supplementation it also disappears altogether.”


Talk to us if you have more specific questions!

– Jesse