Mushroom/Spinach/Bacon Stuffed Chicken

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* 2 chicken breasts (pick big ones or the later steps will be difficult and frustrating)
* bacon
* a pile of mushrooms
* some spinach
* garlic
* salt


* Preheat oven to 350
* Pre cook bacon, dice up half of the crispy bacon and then snack on the other half as an appy, cut up mini sweet peppers used as scoops for homemade guacamole was also a good appy
* Cut the chicken breasts in half and open them up on a baking sheet
* Saute garlic, diced mushrooms and spinach in bacon fat
* Add salt to taste but honestly after the appy bacon you might not need any more salt
* Take off heat and mix in diced bacon
* Put mixture in open chicken breasts and wrestle them closed. Use tooth picks to secure your victory.
* Bake for 20ish minutes
* Top with your leftover guacamole