Mushroom Pate

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From Kathleen:

* 50g of butter (this is for cooking the mushrooms and onions so I use olive oil instead).
* 1 small onion
* 3 garlic cloves
* 1 cup of slivered almonds, toasted (I toast whole almonds, skins on – not sure what difference the slivers make)
* 2 tablespoons of cream (I leave this out altogether – no substitution)
* 2 tablespoons of finely chopped fresh thyme (I go heavy on the fresh herbs)
* 2 tablespoons of finely chopped fresh parsley (I used sage as well last time I made it and it was awesome.)
salt and cracked pepper

Heat the butter (oil) in a large frying pan. Cook the onion and garlic over medium heat until soft. Increase the heat and add mushrooms and cook until mushrooms are soft and most of the liquid has evaporated. Set aside to cool.

Place almonds (also cooled) in a food processor and chop roughly (I chop until bit finer – more couscous size. I also blend salt and pepper though the mixture at this point but the recipe calls for it later. I think it blends well with the dry almonds). Add the mushroom mixture and process until smooth. (I put the herbs in now too.) With the motor running, gradually pour in the cream. (Or, skip this step if you aren’t using cream.) Stir in herbs and season with salt and cracked pepper. Spoon into a bowl and refridgerate for 4-5 hours to allow flavours to meld. (Its awesome the next day)”