Mt. Rainier Strongest Man and Woman

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As we wind up this weekend now we need to prep for next weekend. Nov. 12th is Rainier CrossFits 6th annual fundraiser for Fragile X. Here’s the list of events for this year:

Event one:
3 rounds for time of:
100ft Farmers walk and/or yoke walk
10 Box jumps

Event two:
Deadlift / Clean and Jerk Ladder
Deadlift first, then clean and jerk, the deadlift, then clean and jerk for a total of 10 deadlifts AND 10 C&J’s. Deadlifts will be with an Axel, C&J’s will be various odd objects to include logs, sandbags, kegs, etc. You’ll have 20 seconds to complete each lift and 10 seconds to move between platforms. After you’ve reached failure in one movement you can continue on with the other movement until failure. Each movement will be scored as a separate event.

Event Three:
AMRAP in 7 minutes of:
30 Double under
3 stone loads (2 for women)
3 muscle ups (2 for women)

Weights TBA

Other things you need to know:
* Registration and weigh-ins can be done Friday from 4-8pm or Saturday morning from 8-9am
*There is a MANDATORY rules meeting for all competitors at 9am Saturday morning.
* First event begins at 10am
* Spectators are free
* Parking will be snug. Please do not park in fire lanes.

Other Other Things you need to know:
*This is an excellent event and super fun, our plan is to drive down for weigh-in’s on Friday night and stay at the Holiday Inn Express which is a 2 minute drive away
*ALL WODS CAN BE SCALED, they were super cool about this last year and I would expect the same this year
*Weight classes I believe are: Men: 200+/- and Women: 140+/-
*Entry forms are here
*If you’re keen to go please let me know as soon as so we can co-ordinate plans