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Good Morning!

As you have probably noticed this week, the 6:15 am class is very popular. Some of the craziness may be due to the post Christmas rush (We refuse to call it New Years Resolutioning), or it may just be because 6:15am is going to be our most popular time slot. You guys have been great about using the waitlist function this week which allows us to get a sense of demand and accommodate you as much as possible. Thanks to those of you who are able to make the 7:30 instead as this has helped to alleviate the congestion. The mindbody scheduler doesn’t allow us to show you guys when there is a waitlist (submitted an official request for that this morning), but lately you can assume that whenever it says 10/10 there is probably someone on the list.

What we are trying to iron out is an appropriate time frame for cancellations. Our overall goal is to allow you to be really flexible with your schedules, as we have heard from many of you that you appreciate being able to sign into any time of day and the ability to cancel out if something comes up. We don’t want to have excessive rules unless things become an issue. The tricky thing about the 6:15am class is that most of the shuffling is going on in the wee hours of the morning, which is hard for the people on the waitlist. We understand that there are always situations that come up that make attending class impossible, but what we ask is that you try as hard as you would in your favourite wod to cancel before you go to bed if its unlikely that you are going to make it. What we have done is blocked any online cancellations less than 45 minutes prior to class. If you absolutely must cancel with less than 45 minutes to class please call the instructors cell phone to let us know. This way, an email can be automatically sent out to the next on the list. If you receive this confirmation email, you must confirm that you are coming at least 30 minutes before class starts if you still want the spot. If we don’t hear from you, we just assume you aren’t coming.

We hope this all seems fair. We are community based and ask that that you respect your fellow athletes. Our goal is to keep the system as open as it is. We’ll sus out the next few weeks for trends and keep the whole thing running as smoothly as possible!

Thank you guys.

Heather & Jesse