Monday Sept. 19th 2011

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I thought I’d share with you guys a little family photo from the IPE (Armstong Fair). On the Rocket Launcher is the mama, in the wheel chair with the pipes is my sister Tavia, 92% cut out of the photo is my sisters kid “monster baby” and the middle three are sisters Frances, Ariana, Nasreen. Pretty typical family really:)

Inzer Order: I realized yesterday that after blogging about a group order last week I never actually hung a sign up sheet at the gym. Error corrected. The sign up sheet is by the front door, and you’ll have until Wednesday evening to get your order in. If you missed the blog regarding this scroll back to: 09/12.

Also if you haven’t watch the video links for the muscle up progression WTF, what about they’re firkin’ good wasn’t clear. Watch them.