Monday Sept. 12th 2011

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Registration has gone live as of this morning for the 2011 Winter Challenge (Nov. 4th-6th, Victoria). Click the link and have a look at the info for all the details. We’ve got a team already registered so if you’re keen to compete it will be as an individual. To register you’ll have to build yourself a FlexFwd account an sign up via their site. Once registered shoot me an email and let me know as we’ll probably have a meeting for all athletes who’ll be competing about a month out from the event. If you want to be more competetive next year in the Opens you really need to compete in this event.

I’m going to do another belts and wraps order to Inzer so if you’re interested in a belt, wrist wraps, knee wraps (anyone who’s competing in the SPF meet Oct. 15th), or anything else they’ve got please sign yourself up on the sheet by the front door.


Please have this filled out by Saturday Sept. 17th, as I’ll send the order in first thing Monday morning. You can pay when your gear arrives. All the belts at the gym are 10mm 2 prong, though you may want to check out the lever belts, the wrist wraps are Iron Z (small or med.), and for knee wraps go Iron Z or Gripper. Make sure you’ve had a chance to use one of these belts or wraps before you order.