Monday, Oct. 25th

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1. If you ordered bison it will be here next Monday and will need to be picked up that day. The boxes are all a slightly different price based on weight so bringing a blank cheque would be quite smart.

2. The 1 year party on Saturday is not a potluck (so eat before you come) but if anyone has snack stuff that they are dying to show off let us know.

3. As the weather gets crappier and the non paleo treats and comfort foods become more alluring, we challenge you to really work hard to resist the stuff that makes you feel like junk later. We are seeing that people’s energy levels are low right now and bad food is only going to make it worse. If you need a pep talk/reminder/boost of confidence come talk to us.

And if you find that stuff like this starts happening to you… come talk to us asap because that is bad news……


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