Monday, May 31: Regionals Wrap up

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The very busy weekend has wrapped up. Like any other CrossFit course or event that I have been to, I leave with the overwhelming feeling of pride and admiration for the community. When you put the best of the best, and some of the most dedicated to the community, all in one place it becomes very obvious what characteristics make a great CrossFitter. Most notably is genuine support of the people around them. It is obviously extremely competitive but there isn’t a hint of a negative vibe. People are giving high fives and hugs to the people who they competed with, regardless of where they placed. People are constantly heard saying positive things about their fellow competitors. And it seems that regardless of where people place they can honestly say they gave it their best and couldn’t have done more.

How often do we really see those things in regular life?

On a more aesthetic note, my favourite quote of the weekend from Soraya was: “imagine what it was like in the hunter gatherer days when everyone looked like this?”

I kid you not, you won’t go into another venue and see better posture.

Soraya and Steve worked very hard this weekend. By the end of the weekend Soraya and I were able to laugh quite hard about her roller coaster of events and some of the facial expressions that she gave me mid-wod. What impressed me the most about Soraya this weekend was her ability to shake off her frustration and move into the next task reasonably relaxed. I think she learned a lot about herself this weekend and that’s really important. In the end, she placed 18th which I am very proud of.

For those of you that have met Steve, you will know that he has a level of dedication and drive within CrossFit that is hard to match. He learned a lot about himself as an athlete last year when we competed in Calgary and he spent the last year incredibly focused on his training. He had some amazing performances this weekend that showed his strengths… and went into the final heat of the final workout yesterday afternoon knowing that he was going to have to go to a very dark place if he wanted to hold his 6th place spot to California.

I practically went into cardiac arrest during the workout… imagine standing in the middle of an arena with a pile of extremely wound up spectators, coaches and competitors watching the top 8 men in Canada battle it out with tire flips, clean and jerks and laps around the arena. It was absolutely one of the most intense things I’ve seen in a long long time. Steve honestly gave it everything he had and had to wait for the final points to be calculated to see if he held his position. Soraya, Rhea, Jordan and I had to leave for the airport but got a text on the way that he had come 7th by 2 points overall. So disappointing. But even with that said, Steve’s first comment (knowing in his heart that he might have lost his position) was that he had given it everything he had. No excuses, no complaints.

There were also many more of our friends from other gyms that fought battles of their own this weekend… Pete, Andy, Ainslie and Emily… as impressed as always to watch you guys fight for it.

I think we can all learn a lot from these athletes.

We talk a lot about letting go of ego when you first started CrossFitting… and in the early phases most do. But I don’t think that we are in the clear from this process later down the road. When we start CrossFitting we are hit in the face with what we are not good at. And then what tends to happen is that we learn to accept that, but then gravitate towards the things within the programming that we are good at. Of course. It makes us feel good. But to really grow as people and as athletes we need to accept that we are not strong in some areas and work hard at those skills, not avoid them or get overly frustrated with them. We can’t work at 75% effort with those things because we have accepted that we are not good at them. Those are the skills that need 110% effort.

Own it, but don’t be overly hard on yourself. Stressing about it will only make it worse. Keep it in perspective that only 6 or 12 or 18 months ago, you probably couldn’t do a lot of what you are doing now.

And know that, even though there are a handful of people who just don’t “get” why you would want to go the gym when it’s nice out or eat your funny “diet”, there are A LOT of people out there that completely get it and live very fulfilling lives because of it.

Be proud of your knowledge and your choices.


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