Monday, March 14th, 2011: Our 1st official food blog post

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We said it was coming and here it is…. a blog dedicated to food and only food. We will post things that we find interesting and informative, great new meat sources etc… but we also want to open the floor to you guys to submit paleo recipes that you have made and think are worth recommending. When you make a submission to us please include a photo of the finished product as well as the recipe. We will post it and “categorize” (you’ll see this at the top of the post) each recipe as either an appy, main, dessert, breakfast, for kids, etc so you guys can search the archive if you are looking for ideas. If we don’t post your recipe right away it probably just means we have received a few that day or week and we will get to it soon. This is especially true in the next few weeks!

So the very first recommendation, I can hardly help talking about, is Coconut Bliss: the most amazing coconut milk “icecream” (sold at Nester’s). CGB came back from Hawaii raving about it, got me hooked, I can’t stop talking about it, and since then the staff at Nester’s can’t figure out why it’s flying off the shelf. It’s coconut milk based and sweetened with agave (stay tuned for a post about agave). The more delux the flavour you choose, the less paleo it gets… but having tried most of them I would have to say you can’t really go wrong.

hmmm…paleo dessert…. kind of like the paleo margarita…. sort of fits the rules, makes us feel good about our choices, but let’s be honest, the cavemen weren’t enjoying these treats….

ah well, they just hadn’t figured those combos out yet!

Enjoy this blog, we think it’s going to be fun. In a geeky kind of way.


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