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The weekend is over and so ends the 2010 CrossFit Games. For those of you who tuned in, I hope you enjoyed it as much as Heather and I have. A year ago I sat by my computer pressing refresh every minute as I followed athlete progress on Twitter and awaited the next live CrossFit Radio broadcast. This year over 30 hours of the games was covered, streamed live in high definition with commentators, analyst panels, and interviewers catching up with athletes just after they finished their WODs. I really liked the format this year, from the WODs remaining a secret until an hour before the event, to the athletes being held it a segrigated in a room and only finding out WOD 6a, 6b, 6c 30sec before each one began, to the programming which humbled every athlete at some point. I’m as excited for next year as I was for this year. For just like at the gym, who know what’s next.

If you missed the games check out the achived footage on the 2010 CrossFit Games site.

Highlights from the weekend:

The competetive comraderie:
I don’t think any sports environment exists outside of CrossFit where athletes competing against each other exchange advice, honest encouragement, and congraulations for a WOD well done. Everyone is there to work as hard as they can, and happy to see the same from those that surround them.

Friday night: final heats (took plan under the stadium lights)
9-7-5 reps for time of (12 min cap):
Snatch (135/95 lb.)

Top 5 Masters Fran, Nancy, and 1RM Deadlifts:
Women (50+):
Fran: 1st 4:45 – 5th 6:25
Nancy: 1st 14:10 – 5th 18:05
1RM Deadlift: 1st 275# – 5th 245#

Men (50+):
Fran: 1st 4:13 – 5th 4:54
Nancy: 1st 13:42 – 5th 14:45
1RM Deadlift: 1st 490# – 415#

Individual Finals:
Athletes where held in a private room and brought out only as their heat came up, they had a 30 second explanation of the 6a WOD followed by 3, 2, 1, go. The effort put in to these WODs was very hard to believe (nobody could have worked harder)

Event 6a
3 rounds of (7min time cap):
30 push-ups with hand release
Over the wall
21 overhead squats (95/65 lb.)

30sec after Event 6a:
Event 6b
3 rounds of (7min time cap):
30 toes-to-bar
21 ground to overhead (95/65)

30sec after Event 6b:
Event 6c
3 rounds of (12min time cap):
5 burpee wall jumps
3 20-foot rope climbs (men)/2 20-foot rope climbs (women)


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