Mindbody Notifications & Gift Cards

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Success! Saturday morning we had almost perfect attendance with only one late cancel. Much appreciated.

We have some Mindbody updates to let you know about:

1. You can now receive text message notifications (waitlist, appointment reminders etc) as well as, or instead of email notifications. Go into your info and choose the appropriate settings. Make sure to choose your mobile provider and enter your phone number correctly. This is a great option for people who don’t have a blackberry or iphone but want to get waitlist notifications quickly!

2. There is now a gift card option under the “buy” tab next to your memberships. You can create your own amount or choose one of the options listed (and one of the super sweet templates). If the person you are buying for is a member, they won’t see this on their account and won’t know you bought this for them until they are given the confirmation number (you have the option to email it to them, or just print it and give it to them later).


As of this Thursday, there are now two open gym classes in the evening. Hopefully this will be a little smoother set up.

The last round of Foundations for 2010 has just wrapped up, and we now return to a Foundations holding pattern. It seems unlikely that we will run another one for at least a couple of months.

Please remember to check and update your training schedule around Christmas and New Years.

Don’t forget to mark the Christmas party on your calendar (Dec. 30th, Giddi up)… details to come shortly

Jesse and Heather