Angie Nostalgia

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A little Angie nostalgia for you. The photo above (same as on our home page) was taken at Rapattack in the spring of 2008. I entitle it: “Hanging out with Angie in the rain”. Well it’s 9:37 and the day is over. All in all both a very exciting, and successful day. Many people seemed to cut between 3-5 minutes off their previous best, and more than one class had a solid race to the finish. In the 6am class 8/10 Rx’d with times from 19:57-25 and change. I thought these would be our leaderboard names for the day, but by 9pm tonight 19:57 was to slow for 5th on the mens side, while on the women’s side Tanya pulled in just under Aimee (by 1 second) and we easily swept the remaining 4 names off the board with the new 5th place time 2 minutes faster than the old 2nd place time. For a coach this makes for a pretty exciting day! Thank you all for that.

Heads up for tomorrow: be punctual with class times:)

Jesse “blogging is easier with Heather’s editing” Bifano