MOMAR race report and important schedule changes this week

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This past Saturday a bunch of us entered teams in the Mind Over Mountain Adventure Race. Some of us were prepared and trained appropriately, and some of us kind of winged it and relied on CrossFit and our leisure bike rides as training. The weather held and the day went really well over all. In the enduro course Pam and Shannon KILLED it and finished in a time of 7:06 (I think. The official results haven’t been posted yet), and won the women’s pairs category in a competitive field. Rob also did the enduro course with his usual team and finished 2nd in the men’s 4 category. They actually finished first, but a 15 minute time penalty resulting from a route choice cost them the top spot. dang. Mike and Chappy finished the enduro course in 7:40ish (sorry, again can’t remember exactly), which is really amazing considering Mike was towing a mini fridge and Chappy was towing a BBQ. They knew The Plunge would be a tough section. And Steph and I competed in the sport course and finished in just under 5 hours and came 2nd in the women’s pairs.

We ran into Mike and Chappy on the Orienteering Course!

We ran into Mike and Chappy on the Orienteering Course!

In retrospect it was a fun day. Definitely interesting to note how CrossFit training preps you for something like that. I can’t speak for the others but Steph and I definitely noted the incredible “burn” in the glutes and hams that came from sustained climbing on the bike… but all said and done, we weren’t sore anywhere yesterday, just tired.

I was proud at the banquet on Saturday night to have so many of our athletes up on stage getting medals and looking pretty fresh!


This week ahead there are going to be some changes to the schedule. Jesse is heading out of town on Thursday and I am going to Calgary Friday morning to support Soraya who will be competing in the Regionals for the CrossFit Games. We will only have two classes on Friday morning. What we will add are two classes Thursday night that will be THE SAME workout as Friday morning. So please sign up for one or the other, but not both! So if you come Thursday night you will have Friday off and visa versa. Then we will post a workout for you to do on your own on Saturday at home. The gym will re-open on Monday providing that I make it back from Calgary (should be no problem), and Jesse isn’t in a Vegas jail (should also be no problem, right Jess?).

Have a great week!


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