Mobility/Yoga Classes

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Mel K (“tall Mel”, “Quest Mel”, “7am Mel”, “not Mel who just had the baby Mel”) and I were discussing today that people have been asking for yoga and mobility classes again. So here is what we are going to try out for a while… we will do a blend of yin yoga classes (Mel) and specific mobility classes (me) a couple of times a month (likely one of each a month).

My mobility classes will focus on a specific zone (shoulder, hips, spine etc) for each class and you can bring your own lacrosse ball and foam roller. We will blend rolling and stretching.

Mel’s yoga classes will be yin based (the hold your stretches for a long time type) with a focus on what CrossFitters need most or what we need in particular that week based on programming. Here is Mel’s mini bio:


“Teacher training:
· 200-hour Hatha Yoga teacher training in Baja, Mexico
· Skeletal Variation and Teaching Yin Yoga, with Paul Grilley in Portland
· Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training, through Yoga Outreach in Vancouver

My favourite style of yoga, and the style I teach most often, is yin yoga. It works for me in two ways. As a CrossFitter, the long stretches and work deep into muscles, connective tissue, and joints is a perfect way to aid recovery and maintain mobility and flexibility. Secondly, the time for meditation and breathing that comes with the long holds of yin poses is a wonderful way to help slow down my too-busy mind, and bring me back to being present in the moment.”

So… the first class will be yoga with Mel this Sunday, March 30th from 6pm-7pm at the gym. Each class will be a $5 cash drop in. You can sign in on Mindbody.

We are excited about this…. you really should be too 🙂