Mobile App (type thingy) for all Smartphones

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So we’ve had the Skilled Athlete app (partnered with Mindbody) on our facebook page for a while but all you could do with it was see the schedule so you probably didn’t even know it was there. As of right this moment you can now download the specially formatted Skilled Athlete page for smartphones to your phone which will allow you to access your schedule, add or remove yourself from classes, pay for passes, book massage appointments etc all on your phone. Holy $%# awesome hey?!

There are two ways you can set this up. Apparently the Skilled Athlete app will send you an invite once you book your next whatever in Mindbody and then you can follow the link from the email. The other way is to follow this link right now.

It will look like this on your phone:

Maybe now we (and by “we” I mean you know who you are) can become more diligent about cancelling out of morning classes before 10pm right? 😉

But please pull over on the highway before you use your phone to manage your CrossFit life.