Mindbody Update

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This is part of the email that I received from Mindbody this morning:

“This morning (6/18/2011, a little before 7:00 AM PST) a DDOS attack against clients.mindbodyonline.com started again.

Many MINDBODY clients are, understandably, perplexed and frustrated with the stop-and-go software slowness they are experiencing. The nature of the DDoS attack is that when we are being attacked, our servers are being hit with millions of illegitimate hits. We’ve put fixes in place to block the majority of these hits, but a percentage of the illegitimate traffic is still coming through and bogging things down. Attacks stopped during the night, but began again this morning. When we are not being attacked, things are working fine. Help is on the way–we have more networking hardware arriving today to help distribute the load and speed things up, and ultimately handle these attacks a lot better.”

We apologize if you are trying to log in to add or remove a class or massage appointment. If you are unable to log in when you try and it feels like an important issue please just email or text us and we can try to make the change for you as we probably attempt logins WAY more than you do 🙂

If you are wanting to make a Massage appointment and can’t log in please email me as I can let you know what’s available.

Thanks for your patience, hopefully it’ll be fixed soon!