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Good afternoon,

I’ve been tinkering around in Mindbody this morning trying to make a few things more efficient. You will notice that the next time you log in the system will ask you for some missing “required fields”. When most of you first registered with Mindbody you did not need to fill in emergency contact info. Please follow the prompts to fill in the required info. Please also take a quick look through your “profile” under “my info” to make sure all the info is current.

The other thing that many of you might not know is that you can choose whether you receive your notifications by email, text or both. Some of you might find it easier to get your waitlist notifications, appointment reminders etc by text. If you would like to receive text messages as well as, or instead of, your emails please let me know either by email or in the gym and I can change it for you. Unfortunately, for who knows what reason, this isn’t something that you can change yourself. The only thing to consider here is if you normally have receipts for passes or massage emailed to you, you must have at “email only” or “email and text message” in order to receive these. If you choose “text message only” and need a receipt you won’t receive one.

You will also notice that our autoemails are coming from info@crossfitsquamish.ca now and not an automated mail address from Mindbody. Update your address book to avoid any delivery to junkmail.

Let me know if you have any questions!